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Helping individuals of all ages, levels, and lifestyles GAIN in all areas of their life! Whether you're a beginner, a professional, a retired athlete, or an adult just looking to move again; together we will create the perfect program for your specific needs. It is my goal to connect with each individual in order to help improve ones overall lifestyle and Get After It Now!

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Little About Me...

Hi everyone,


      I’m Nikki Haimes, and never in a million years would I have pictured my life the way it is now! I was your typical tomboy growing up in South Florida, playing a variety of sports until the age of 12. My parents always said, “Nikki played every sport under the sun, would quickly get placed on the elite team, get bored, refuse to practice, quit, and repeat…until she discovered soccer!” It still wasn’t an easy journey though.

     Like so many kids, I hated running, would constantly fight with my dad about putting in extra practice, and always got in my head. That being said, all the hard work eventually paid off. After earning a college scholarship, I graduated with a biology degree from Rollins College and went on to play professional soccer overseas. During my time at Rollins, my team conceded multiple titles and finished second overall nationwide. Even as I approached my senior year, going on to continue playing or becoming a trainer were not things I saw myself doing. However, after graduation in 2016, I went on to spend four years playing professionally; three seasons in Sweden, and then for Club Universitario de Deportes in Lima, Peru, where we competed in the FIFA CONMEBOL Libertadores Femenina tournament in Montevideo, Uruguay.

     Even during my last season playing, full time coaching was not something I saw myself doing, but here I am loving every second of it! Speed and agility have always been natural strengths of mine, which truly helped me to excel in any sport I played.  Overuse injuries have also been a common theme for me, so when I started studying for my NSCA Strength and Condition Certification, it was more because I had wanted to better myself in my current career path of playing. 

      I am now a USSF licensed soccer coach, a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and the founder of GAINS WITH HAIMES. Continuous learning and making personal connections are my passion. I am always striving to improve myself in order to better help those around me. So, if it’s either becoming a better athlete, or simply just getting moving again, along with learning how to have an overall healthier lifestyle, it is my goal to create a fun and growing experience to help you get there!

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